FAQs & Rules

 What’s preferred pricing? 
Preferred pricing (PP) refers to all of our adult and junior clinics.  Clinics are typically $25 per hour.  However, when one registers 24 hours in advance one receives the preferred pricing of only $20 per hour, a 25% savings.

Who can participate in our programs? 
Anyone can participate in our programs, specifically lessons, clinics, camps, tournaments, round robins, and most events.  Certain special events, such as our Homeowner Kick-off are reserved for Homeowners only. 

Can I get a court if I’m not staying at Sea Colony? 
Unfortunately, if you are not a homeowner of Sea Colony or a renter with a valid guest badge in Sea Colony, you are not able to reserve court time.  

What do you do in a weekend tennis camp? 
Tennis camps may be tailored to the group; however, we do have a general plan of technique and video analysis on Day 1, court positioning and strategy on Day 2, followed by more strategy and attacking drills on Day 3.

What’s cardio tennis? 
Cardio tennis is for all levels and consists of four basic segments, including a warm-up, cardio workout, fast-paced game, and a cool down segment.  All segments consist of hitting tennis balls in movement situations resulting in a fun, yet intensive workout.

How do I get a game? 
We have a game-finding service available for our Homeowners, Winter Members, and Resort Guests.  With 48 hour notice, we guarantee we can find you a singles game.  If not, we will arrange for a free hour on our state-of the-art ball machine.

What’s the number of the fitness center? 
The phone number for the Freeman Fitness Center is 302-539-4511.


Updated April 28, 2014

1.    Tennis courts are for exclusive use of Sea Colony Homeowners, guests of homeowners and renters of Sea Colony.  A valid Sea Colony Homeowner’s ID or guest badge is required.
2.    Any person misusing courts, disturbing play or improperly attired may be asked to leave Sea Colony courts by tennis staff or security. 
3.    All homeowner’s guests must be accompanied by the homeowner to use facility.
4.    A grace period of ten minutes is given for reserved courts.  After ten minutes, the reservation is lost.  The court may be claimed on a first come, first serve basis after ten minutes to proper Sea Colony homeowner or renter. 
5.    The pro-shop “official clock” will be used to regulate playing time.
6.    Courts 1-6 are indoor courts.  Appropriate teaching courts will be blocked off as required.  In Season, court reservations will be available 7 am – 9 pm on remaining courts
7.    Courts 7-12 are outdoor teaching courts.  These courts are not allowed to be reserved, but may be played on by Sea Colony Homeowners and Renters when not being used by the Sea Colony teaching staff.  The court must be relinquished for teaching when necessary. 
8.    Courts 13-16 are hard courts located on Woodland Court.  They are open at 8 am through dusk for reservations
9.    Courts 17-30 are har-tru courts.  They open at 8 am and close from 1-3 pm for watering and maintenance. 
10.    Courts 31-34 are hard courts located on the Oceanside.  They are open from 8 am-9 pm for reservations.
11.    Any courts may be used for USTA Adult and Junior tournaments or other scheduled tournaments at the discretion of the Director of Tennis with the consent of the tennis committee. 
12.    Tennis staff may close any court necessary due to inclement weather or unsafe playing conditions.
13.    Homeowners and Renters can use their court reservations to take private lessons.
14.    Proper tennis attire is required.  Tennis shoes or non-marking soled shoes; no running shoes.  No bathing suits or jeans allowed.  Shirts must be worn at all times.  No pets allowed on the courts or in the pro-shop.
15.    On court teaching, coaching, clinics or other related activities on the Sea Colony tennis courts is prohibited unless the activity is sanctioned as part of the Sea Colony Tennis teaching program or approved Sea Colony event or otherwise approved by the Director of Tennis or his/her designee.  The definition of on court teaching, coaching, clinics or related activities shall be at the sole discretion of the Director of Tennis or Head Pro.
16.    Unless sanctioned as part of the Sea Colony Tennis teaching program or approved Sea Colony event, all court usage is limited to a maximum of 4 people on the court.
17.    When a homeowner borrows a basket of balls with the approval of the Director of Tennis or his/her designee or when a homeowner or winter member bring their own basket of balls, there can be a maximum of two people on the side of the net receiving feeds by a single feeder. 

Use of Tennis Program Equipment by Homeowners

Borrowing Sea Colony tennis equipment including balls is limited to homeowners.  Each use by a homeowner must be approved by the Director of Tennis of his/her designee.  All equipment must be returned to its original location after each use in the same condition in which it was received. 

Homeowner Court Reservations

Homeowners may call the Homeowner Reservations phone number to reserve court time.  Homeowners may reserve courts up to 2 ½ days in advance by calling the Homeowner reservations phone number starting at 12:30 pm.  The call schedule is as follows:
•    Monday for Thursday
•    Tuesday for Friday
•    Wednesday for Saturday
•    Thursday for Sunday
•    Friday for Monday
•    Saturday for Tuesday
•    Sunday for Wednesday

A Homeowner may reserve 2 courts for 2 hours with 4 homeowner units.  Additional court time needed will have to be made by an additional Homeowner. 

Homeowners may not call on the pro-shop main number to reserve court time.  If a Homeowner does not have the Homeowner Reservations phone number, they can obtain it in person at the pro-shop by showing their Homeowner’s badge. 

Homeowners may come in person to the pro-shop with their homeowner badges to reserve court time.  Court time will be given on a first come/first serve basis by rotating between homeowner’s in person in the pro-shop and homeowner’s calling in on the homeowner reservation phone number.

Renter Court Reservations

Sea Colony renters are permitted to reserve one court per unit, per day.  Renters must come in person with their Guest Badge (make sure it is the proper week’s Guest Badge) to the pro-shop to reserve court time.  Reservations will be taken while the pro-shop is open, 8:30 am-6 pm.  Reservations are for 1 hour.

Winter Tennis

Winter Memberships are offered each off season at a price determined by the Director of Tennis and the Tennis Committee (2013 prices $600 Individual, $800 Family)

The Winter Membership season begins 1 week after Labor Day and continues until the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend. 

Indoor Block time begins the day after Columbus Day and continues through the 3rd week in April. 

Block time is not available during the following holidays:

•    Thanksgiving – starting the Wednesday before, continuing through the Sunday after.
•    Christmas/New Years – starting 2 days before Christmas and continuing through New Year’s Day.
•    Martin Luther King Jr. Day
•    President’s Day
•    Easter/Spring Break – Starts the Monday before Easter and continues for 2 weeks.

Additional Outdoor Blocked Dates:

•    Henlopen Conference Championships – 2nd Thursday in May
•    Other Dates as Tennis Committee or Tennis Director deem necessary.

Block Time Rules

1.    Block times are grandfathered in year to year.
2.    Block times are 1 ½ hours long.
3.    2 Individual Members are needed for 1 block time spot.
4.    1 Family Membership is needed for 1 block time spot.
5.    1 Homeowner unit is needed for 1 block time spot.
6.    Open block times will be given on a first come, first serve basis to eligible members and homeowners.
7.    Any discrepancies will be resolved by the Tennis Director.

Additional Winter Tennis Rules

1.    No Running shoes.
2.    Winter Members may play Monday-Thursday (8:00 am – 10:00 pm) Friday (8:00 am – 2:00 pm).
3.    Winter Members and Guests must check in at the front desk.
4.    Winter members may play with Sea Colony Homeowners, Sea Colony Renters, other winter members, or registered guests.
5.    Certain dates are blocked and the right to block off courts for other tennis events is permitted by Tennis Committee or Director of Tennis.
6.    Winter Members may play on outside courts if open.
7.    Court 1 is the Winter Member Block Court.
8.    Courts 2 & 6 are the Sea Colony Homeowner Block Courts.
9.    Courts 4 & 5 are open for Sea Colony Homeowner and renter reservations.
10.    Court 3 is the pro’s teaching court.
11.    ALL guests who play on a Homeowner or Winter Member block time court, are subject to a $15 fee, and a limit of 6 visits in a season, after which they must become a winter member or may not play on those courts.  Guest badges are not valid on block time courts.  Homeowners and their guests (with guest badges) may play at no charge on normally reserveable indoor homeowner courts using that process.
12.    Rules may be amended or changed at any time.